Four Kids Injured at Baja 500

the Aftermath

the Aftermath

Four children and four adults were injured by a car racing in the Baja 500 on June 6th. The accident transpired on the corner of Primera and Avenida Floresta in the city of Ensenada, BC, just a couple of blocks from where the international cruise ships dock.

La Jornada Baja California, a Baja news website, reported that Buggy #1089’s failed brakes were the cause of the accident.

Race-fanatics present mentioned to the media that the blue vehicle from GT Racing – Mexicali, crashed into an electric pole by where the spectators were sitting and standing, and consequently injured eight people., a Mexican news website, listed the injured as: Manuel Leyva (4 y/o), Jose Alejandro Trujillo (5 y/o), Mariana Trujillo Anguiano (8 y/o), Omar Nicolas Estrada (8 y/o), Aime Sofía Romero (18 y/o), Leandro Solís Arsula (50 y/o), Nicolás Estrada Mora (54 y/o), and Adolfo Aldez (64 y/o).

Hospital where the injured were taken

Less than 2 kilometers from the scene

Luis Cardenas, another Baja race series co-pilot was present at the scene. “It’s just that the people (the spectators from Ensenada, BC) do not understand, and think that it is all (for) fun,” nodded Cardenas while searching for phone-videos that he recorded earlier, “when I use to co-pilot, we could see the faces (while) watching us drive by (at speeds over 160 KM) and they were always super close.”

Various media websites mentioned that the victims sustained injuries, but none that were life threatening. The injured were taken to the Velmar Hospital for treatment.

Cardenas closed out by stating, “ …the eight people are OK, ta bien, but not all accidents at our races have happy endings.”

Photo by: Edgar Lima

Photo by: Edgar Lima

Author / Photography: Mike Madriaga