Miesha Tate talks car shop (needs update)


Isaac Mion and Mischa Tate

Miesha Tate with Isaac Mion


“I don’t like Ronda Rousey one bit,” responded Miesha Tate.

Tate, the number one contender for the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) women’s lightweight title was at SEMA, the largest automotive show in the world.

Earlier in the month, she was at the SEMA car show, signing autographs at the Toyo Tires booth.

Miesha clinched her fists as Isaac probed about next month’s big fight.

Miesha Tate punches Julie Kedzie

Miesha Tate punches Julie Kedzie

Isaac Mion was seeking an angle to shoot questions, and throwing him in an arena of Fighters and Extreme sports figures may have jarred his automotive comfort zone.  The twenty plus years of being an international journalist started to show, as the obvious fight questions transcended to more personal questions. “What kinda whips do you drive Miesha,” asked Isaac, “…and do you drive them fast?”

Miesha looked at Isaac in bewilderment. The questions intensified as the hundreds of autograph hounds behind the set started building. Isaac inquired about her ability to change oils and whether her boyfriend, Bryan Caraway drove fast. One after another, the questions kept shooting in until the last one, which Mischa caught via a lyrical sprawl.

This was where Miesha grabbed Isaac in a sleeper hold type maneuver.

Tate VS Rousey

Tate VS Rousey

The event was SEMA 2013, the biggest auto-show in the world.  People from all parts of the world traveled into Las Vegas to showcase or witness the biggest ensemble of custom vehicles and parts.  If someone built autos, this was the best place to network and learn new things.UFC Poster 168

“The last thing I remember was seeing stars in the sky,” mumbled, Isaac, ” … then I asked what her finishing maneuver will be on December 28th, 2013 (UFC 168)”

Photography / Videography: Mike Madriaga
Post Production: Mike Madriaga