Rodney-O & Joe Cooley

The hundreds lounging in the grass and tailgating in the parking lot were in for a true “throwback,” even if there were no pickup trucks on site.

On June 4, Rodney-O & Joe Cooley performed for the mostly Generation X crowd.

The Compton based hip-hop duo opened up the set with their 1988 rap-song, “Let’s Have Some Fun.”

Their act was truly old-school: one disc jockey (Joe) and one master of the ceremony (Rodney) – but unlike the early 1980’s rap groups, where the DJ was in the forefront and the MC as the backer; the spotlight was shared equally.

“Ya’ll know that’s a real DJ back here right,” Rodney-O hollered at the crowd.

With the quick movements of the fader with his one hand, and then the jabby maneuvering of the vinyl record with the other hand, Joe tripped the crowd out. Almost 30 years later, he is still a dope turntable virtuoso.

“Nobody Disses Me”, “Your Chance to Rock” and “This is for the Homies” then followed.

Rodney-O’s smooth lyrics rhymed to the heavy bass derived from the Roland TR-808 drum machine, still sounds tough with no resemblance to some of the 80’s corny nostalgia.

“Everlasting Bass” was the finale. The 1988 bass-bumping cut has a slower bpm (beats per minute) and was not solely used for dancing. The song was played by the mini-truck cruisers in the 1980s, to test their tolerance of the high decibels created by the subwoofers and amplifiers installed within their truck beds.

The “Throwback Festival” was promoted by Imagine Media Group and held at the Qualcomm Practice Field venue.