The Gangster We Are All Looking For

lê thi diem thúy (purposely written in lowercase as her pen-name) was on campus on October 19, to talk about her book, “The Gangster We Are All Looking For.”

The book, told through a girl’s eyes, relays a family’s experience immigrating to America and living in San Diego.

Penguin Random House, one of the book’s distributors, states: lê thi diem thúy was born in Phan Thiet, southern Vietnam.  She and her father left Vietnam in 1978, by boat, eventually settling in Southern California.  lê is currently a Radcliffe Fellow and resides in western Massachusetts.

“A brilliant evocation of human sorrow and desire. . . . Heartbreaking and exhilarating. . . . As vivid as a fairy tale, as allusive as a poem,” said the The New York Times Book Review.

The one-hour-plus presentation, with the assistance of World Cultures; was given at the V Building.

Written by Mike Madriaga