Volkswagens at SEMA 2015 (Mundo Volkswagen)

2015 was not a good year for Volkswagen lovers. With the recent bad publicity regarding the diesel and computer components, the outcome might unfortunately affect the future of the VW tuning industry. This was definitely felt at the largest car-show in the world, SEMA 2015. VW tuners are 100% loyal … and despite the lowest amount of VW tuners present at the exposition in a very long time, the quality of VWs representing in Las Vegas, Nevada, were of significance.

Take a look at the surreal custom VW at the “Absorber” booth. If you are rubbing your eyes in disbelief, you do not need glasses, nor did you drink one too many. The orange custom bus handmade by Ron Berry, was one of the craziest custom vehicles at the show. Berry used an original VW suspension and motor, mounted 24″ X 10″ rims, and then custom fabricated the body, windows and lights.

In the same hall, a vintage red convertible sat inside the SP Tools (Schley Products Inc.) section. The company is known to create unique tools to help mechanics in all aspects of building and repair. For the VWs, Schley created a clutch adjusting tool which is designed to easily adjust air-cooled VW clutch cables.

Outside the hall was a Class 11 VW Bug, built by Wallentine Motorsports for Rugged Radios. Class 11 is a race class at the Baja 1000 race series, where the VW must remain completely factory original, with the exception of the safety modifications, reinforcement and ground clearance (higher suspension). How does an original (1600cc – 70hp) Type 1 Bug do this in the most vigorous race in the world?! Only us true VW tuners know why.

Rockstar Energy Drinks is well known to build the fastest trucks and cars, including this 2015 Volkswagen GRC Beetle. The VW has a straight-four engine with turbocharger and intercooler, which produces an amazing 544 horesepower. The car is driven by the champion race driver, Tanner Foust.

There were a couple more VWs present at this show which will be in a future publication of Vochomania or Mundo Volkswagen, so please stay tuned. No matter what the media is saying, we will continue to support the same platform that has moved us safely from point A to point B. VWs for life.

Author: Mike Madriaga
Photography: Mario Orduño and Bill Bogan